Development and freedom only possible through provision of ESCR,, assets JCTR – We cannot talk of freedom solely in theoretical terms, argues Mr. Moyo, freedom has to be concretized by the provision of social services and basic amenities such as food, shelter, health and education. 22 July 2010

The Zambian Government should take seriously the anti-trafficking measures recommended by US State Department Report, says JCTR – …. some important steps have been taken by government to prevent trafficking which include the approval of a national Plan of Action by Cabinet and the establishment of the inter-ministerial anti-trafficking secretariat in October, 2009. However, no serious attention has been paid to the development or the implementation of systematic procedures for victim identification. 21 July, 2010

As count-down to SA 2010 world cup continues, we still have opportunity to save someone from being trafficked,? says JCTR – We are only less than 35 days away from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa which begins on June 11. The thought of the World Cup in Africa arouses great excitement and pride in most Africans. But there is also great anxiety because this big event brings with it the terrible possibility of increased human trafficking. 05 May 2010

JCTR Presents to the NCC Citizens? demand for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – This is a strong voice from many Zambians that strengthens the wishes of many Zambians expressed in the last three Constitutional Review Commissions. These wishes must be taken seriously by members of the NCC but also by government. 04 February 2009

JCTR Submission to the Human Rights Committee of the National Constitutional Conference – Inclusion of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the New Bill of Rights of the New Constitution 03 February 2009

Given the many challenges people faced in the year 2008, and now face in 2009, we feel strongly that having Economic, Social and Cultural Rights included in the new Bill of Rights of the new Constitution will greatly help in achieving justice and promoting the needs of Zambians in respect of their dignity

08 January 2009

True Freedom cannot be realised in Zambia without Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the new Constitution, Says JCTR. 23 May 2008

There should be institutional frameworks and structures to guarantee the full range of human freedoms and rights.

Inclusion of economic, social and cultural rights in the new constitution a must, says JCTR. May 2008

It has to be realised that many development challenges in Zambia are linked to Economic, Social and Cultural rights. For instance, meeting the Millennium Development Goals

Catholic Bishops speak on constitution. The Bishops are not calling for anything illegal or completely contrary to the constitutional constraints surrounding how one deals with the fundamental law of the land. 22 May 2007

Constitutional review: the Zambian search for an ideal constitution. If you ask me today to summarise — in a sentence — constitutional review in Zambia, over the last forty-one years, this is what I would say: ?It has been a search, a search, a search and a search? for an ideal Constitution.? May 2006

Is a fast track? for constitutional road map possible and desirable? 09 January 2007

Can we afford Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Constitution? Simson Mwale in a paper presented at the alliance Francaise, 20 April 2006 answers the question, Is the inclusion of economic, social and cultural rights in the Zambian Constitution’s Bill of Rights feasible?

Education and Rights: the path to Development in Zambia. According to repeated remarks made by high Government officials, There is no right to education in Zambia!? …education for children is recognised as a good and necessary thing, but no child has the right to education. Period. Simson Mwale and Peter Henriot, Article in UNZA Journal, April 2006

Church’s Social Teaching says no to Capital Punishment; Peter Henriot

Can we afford Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Constitution? Simson Mwale 20 April 2006