Church Social Teaching (CST) Values

The Church’s Social Teaching – CST can be described as a body or collection of ?social wisdom.? It touches both our head (understanding) and our heart (motivation). It instructs us about the human person ? every woman, man and child ? living in society ? in families, villages, tribes, work places, schools, etc.

The CST guides us about the values, structures and practices that contribute to a full human life. We can learn what principles (like equality) and organisations (like businesses) and activities (like fair elections) really make it possible for human beings to live life to the fullest, as God our Creator desires for all of us.

CST its’ origin & everyday life

Revealing Our Best Kept Secret; Peter Henriot What does the Church have to contribute to political debates in the country? What is the Church’s Social Teaching saying about Poverty; PDF Document January 2004 The Church’s Social Teaching and the Economy in Zambia Peter Henriot November 2003 Why do we have the Church’s Social Teaching?;First and foremost, the social teaching is a guide for our individual conscience to make the right decisions for leading a good Christian life. Peter Henriot

CST in Zambia:

Four Decades of Grace (1964 – 2004) Pastoral letter on 40yrs of independence October 2004 “The Christian view of humanity is one that is based on everlasting hope. “. The Church’s Social Teaching and the Economy in Zambia ?Zambia is a very rich country, a very rich country indeed, but Zambia is a country of very poor people, very poor people indeed!? CST & Workers Churches Social Teaching and Wages; Does an employee have a right to a certain level of wage? How do we determine whether a wage is fair or not? Peter Henriot

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